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Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution – roughly 80% of the items buried in landfills could be recycled.

Our team follows a 6 step methodology in the carbon footprint assessment process

Waste management has become an essential public service in the fight against COVID-19


Waste Management

Renewable Energy

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Water Waste

Apple Green Environmental (Pty) Ltd is an innovative waste management services company whose core business is to address the key global challenge of today – Sustainability. Apple Green answers the problem of sustainability by using pioneering technologies to divert waste away from landfills, which has the impact of reducing the atmospheric emissions resulting from landfill disposal.

Our solutions use unique, proven methods and processes for the benefaction of waste (turning waste into useful products such as compost/ pallets/ raw material inputs/ etc.) thus achieving low carbon footprint benefits for our clients.

Waste Management

According to the NWIB1, South Africa generated 108 million tonnes of waste in 2011, with only 10% recycled and up to 90% Land filled. In order to design and implement suitable solutions that speak to our customer’s strategic priorities (revenue growth, cost containment, compliance management, sustainability, profitability, brand enhancement, key stakeholder KPI’s – e.g. shareholders/ employees/ customers/etc.)

Apple Green undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the following:

  • Buildings/site locations
  • Business activity is undertaken on site
  • Types of waste generated from the site
  • Current methods of management (Separation/ Recycling/ Reuse/ Disposal/etc.)
  • Compliance Matrix (NEMWA Act and related legislation (Municipal by-laws etc.) 
  • Food & Hazardous waste disposal certification/percentage landfill disposal / etc.)

The correct identification and classification of waste generated and typical sources, as well as the appropriate handling and disposal across the value chain, are critical to the success of initiatives to minimise waste disposal to landfill. The objective is the selection of the appropriate waste handling methodologies, waste treatment process and technology in order to reduce the client’s carbon footprint and associated costs as well as taking steps towards achieving the organisation’s strategic sustainability imperatives through waste beneficiation.


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